Sharpen The Blade-Articles and lecturers on various aspects and responsibilities of warriorship.
Intelligence Gathering for Personal Safety
Examining facets of personal intelligence gathering to assist in a realistic threat assessment of your environment .

Visualization, or Mental Imagery

Visualization, or imagery, is one of the most effective tools available to you for mental conditioning. This is vital to success in a fight.
Controlling Fear and Making Sound Decisions Under Stress
When a responsible person first begins going armed, he is usually haunted by recurring questions, or self-doubts, if Iím really attacked, and my life is at stake, will I be able to handle it?

  States of Awareness, the Cooper Color Codes
By learning to observe your environment, constantly evaluate it, and react appropriately to what you see, you can achieve a large degree of control over your fate.  
Individualism and Superiority
Certain traits distinguish an honorable and superior man from those with less admirable characters. Among the traits of the honorable individualist are honesty, loyalty to friends and family, courage, respect, and self-reliance.
  The Individualist & Man of Honor
The most awesome responsibility any man faces is to communicate the qualities of an honorable individualist to his son
Procurement of A New Pistol, Part One
An overview of the pistol procurement process, especially the formation of the Performance Specification and the Test and Evaluation Plan.
  Procurement of A New Pistol, Part Two
Now that the Team has determined what it wants through lengthy discussions . . . itís time to find out what the firearms manufacturers have to say about all your hard work.
Tactical Quips
ďA good archer is not know by his arrows but by his aimĒ
  Samuel Adams
But for Samuel Adams, the United States of America would not exist. There was no other man in Colonial times who understood the concept of a free man better than he.
The Spirit of Honor
The spirit of the man of honor who will not submit to the will of an armed thug lives in diverse packages.
  Teaching Women to Shoot: A Law Enforcement Instructors Guide
This book is an excellent resource for anyone with responsibility for instructing female shooters. While the case studies and situational examples are written from a law enforcement perspective, the principles are universal.
Training Strategies
Indoctrination of mechanical skills is the primary life saving commodity provided by a training school that is worth attending.
  N.T.I. Suggested Reading List